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Sure enough, at this time a group of people rushed out of the distance, these people block in front of the people in Songzhen, led by a sudden stop, turned out to be a valiant woman, look at her very beautiful face a face resolutely, beautiful eyebrows like starry eyes reveal resolutely confident, a strong outfit more shows the body explosive, her beauty is different from Daji, Rener and Yuxuan, without the weakness that women should have. But that kind of strong gives people a special sense of beauty. Yao Yang could not help exclaiming in amazement: "So she is really a beautiful woman." As soon as Yaoyang couldn't help saying this, the nearby fairy's mind darkened, but then she recovered. How could she not know the distance between herself and Yaoyang? It was just that she was weak by nature and had always been humble. She never knew how to fight for herself. She only thought that Yaoyang was good, and the rest was all right. The waiter was stunned for a moment and said with a smile, "My guest, she is the eldest lady of our'Dahong Ranch '." Yaoyang nodded and said, "Yes, he looks good.". But looking at her appearance now, she should not particularly want to marry. "Nonsense!" "I'm afraid it's not as simple as not wanting to marry, but probably killing people!" Indeed, only to see the look of Miss Qin at this time, everyone knows that her mood is absolutely bad to the extreme. After Qin Liru reined in his horse and stopped, he immediately shouted at the crowd in Songzhen, "Come and stop. I, Dahong Pasture,Horse weight lbs, will not allow any people with evil intentions to pass by!" At this time, the troops from Songzhen were lined up, and a young man with a pale face came out. Although he had a good face, he looked like a typical prodigal son. He said with a smile, "Sister Li Ru, how could I have evil intentions? I came to pick you up today!" Qin Li, as charming as Jiao Rong, snorted coldly, "With you?"? Not enough to step into my'Dahong Ranch 'qualifications! The young man said in a proud voice,Diameter tape measure, "I, Ni Song, am also the son of the Marquis of Song. When it comes to the strength of Song Town, I am ranked among the eight hundred towns of the Shang Dynasty. Who else can be worthy of Li Ru's younger sister besides me, Ni Song, within a hundred miles?" Qin Liru sniffed and shouted, "Don't think that Song Houzhen is great. I don't like Dahong Ranch. Even your father Ni Zhan doesn't like this young lady.". And don't scream so disgusting, or watch your dog's teeth. Ni Song didn't take it to heart at all. "Sister Li Ru," he said with a smile, "I must marry you today. You can come with me so that the whole pasture won't be involved. I don't want my sister Li Ru to suffer any little harm." Qin Liru flew into a rage and shouted, "Is the dog thief bold?"? I'll let you know today what happens when you threaten Miss Ben. With a wave of his hand, he raised the whip in his hand, crossed a low arc in midair, and quickly hit Ni Song. Apart from the "Dahong Ranch" people present, no one could imagine that Qin Liru's temperament was so strong that he could start fighting for a word of disagreement. Song Zhen's military forces are less than the hand, and this Ni Song partial and no real talent and learning, unexpectedly abruptly was dismounted by the whip. Sung town people frightened, cattle weight tape ,Walking measuring wheel, have dismounted to help up Ni Song, but Qin Li such as not used to sneak attack, just want to teach Ni Song a lesson, so in the side with a crowd of people watching the fun in general. With the support of his men, Ni Song stood up with his head broken and bleeding and shouted abuse, mostly using local foul language, but just looking at his finger-wagging appearance, the abuse must be very vicious and ugly. When Qin Liru heard this, he was even more furious. "Men," he shouted, "drive these Songzhen thieves back to the doghouse!" "Yes!" Hundreds of soldiers behind Qin Liru should be ordered, in unison to the Song town team to kill the past. Qin Liru took the lead and hit Ni Song with a golden sword. Block it for me! Ni Song was startled and immediately hid back. Behind the hundreds of Song Zhen soldiers to meet the "big flood pasture" soldiers, suddenly Jin Ge hidden arrows mixed together, naturally blood spatter, swords dispute chaos. See almost Yaoyang, Yixian and others shook their heads repeatedly, while the guests at several tables beside them were already frightened to tremble and fled in all directions.
In the confusion, Qin Liru shouted, the sword cut out the sword gas, head-on will be several Song Zhen soldiers cut off the horse. Then the horse rushed very fast, holding a sword like a tiger into a flock of sheep, unstoppable. Once surrounded by the crowd, but also not panic, jade finger against the hilt of the sword, the sword gas is like a gale scattered, immediately break the encirclement. When Yaoyang and Yixian saw each other, they could not help looking at each other. It was obvious that Qin Liru was using Xuanzong Zhengfa, and his cultivation was not weak. The strength of "Dahong Ranch" is very strong, after a short time, Song Zhen soldiers have been defeated, but the timid Ni Song is still a proud and confident look, Yaoyang guessed that this guy must have some trump card in hand. Sure enough, at this time the demon can suddenly rise, Yao Yang and lean on the string to look along the direction of the demon can fluctuation, are stunned, hurriedly pulled Xiaoxian three people crouched down and turned their heads, originally they found an old acquaintance. I saw three soldiers from the town of Song suddenly jumped out and surrounded Qin Liru, but it was the dog-headed strategist Dai Li, the pig-headed three Zhu Zizhen and the sheep-headed monster Yang Xian in the "Seven Saints of Meishan". Yao Yang and Yi Xian are naturally not afraid of these three guys, but do not want to create complications at this time. For the two brothers, Yixian and Yaoyang, these three guys are nothing at all, but for Qin Liru, the encirclement of the three demons is a great threat. Pig head three first roared to Qin Li Ru, sharp two fangs mercilessly hit Qin Li Ru, full of eyes, mouth also shouted: "Beauty, let the old pig to love you." "Go away, dead pig!" Qin Liru shouted in disgust, and the sword in his hand hit the pig's head three mercilessly. The shadow of the sword was like a wave, as fast as lightning and so strange that it almost hurt the pig's head three who was obsessed with sex. The third pig retreated hurriedly and exclaimed, "This beauty is very difficult." The dog-headed strategist and the sheep-headed monster rushed up together and joined hands to strike Qin Li. The skill of the three monsters was not worth mentioning in the eyes of Yaoyang and others, but after all, they were also famous demon masters in the three realms. Compared with Qin Li,fish measuring tape, the Tathagata was not bad. Now with three strikes, the three monsters immediately gained the upper hand, and Qin Liru had only the power to parry. tapemeasure.net