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The blind book is the master, ten thousand books are sweet and old, the brigade of thousands of blind books is like two torrents of violent collision together, followed by the original quiet street immediately sounded the sound of metal friction. It was the sound of knives hitting each other. "Soon there was a constant scream, mixed with the shocking blood." Everyone wants to live. How can they live? To cut down the enemy, of course. The first to fight together are not equipped with guns, nearly ten thousand people will block the whole street, everyone is red-eyed, as long as the identification is not their own side of the people. No matter three, seven or twenty-one, it's a knife. "There was another scream, and a boy who looked like he was only in his twenties was cut to the ground by another boy, and then, immediately, several people slashed at the boy who was still lying on the ground and did not get up,inflatable bounce house with slide, under such a dense machete.". The teenager on the ground was cut down beyond recognition. The crowd around the teenager had not yet dispersed. Another group of people immediately joined the ranks of the slashing, and greeted the people around the teenager fiercely. The scene suddenly became chaotic. The fight of the underworld is fierce and merciless. It's cold-blooded, no one will give you a chance, no one will show mercy to you, here you can see the bloodlust that you can't see at ordinary times,Inflatable outdoor park, the absolute tremor of your heart. 。“ 。 A large number of people fell down in such a slashing, and were mercilessly trampled by others. Ten minutes after the battle began, there were thousands of people lying on the ground. Every one of them had no skin, and some even lacked arms and legs. At the moment, the streets were no longer calm, and the scene like Shura Hell scared the ordinary citizens in the distance out of a cold sweat. The noisy fighting woke up many citizens around. One by one, they hid in their homes and dared not go out. Citizens who lived nearby and feared being affected immediately dialed the local police station. The police arrived at the scene soon after receiving the alarm. But when they saw several members of the underworld who were killing desperately with machetes. None of the policemen dared to stop him. A police officer who immediately asked for support from the riot police immediately gave an order to his men. Had the police at the scene ever seen such a big model of the underworld hacking? Of course, they are not stupid enough to think that they can stop the fight just by the strength of a few of their own. Read the book to Wanshu Youshan old, read the book to kill Xiu "" The battle is still going on, when the riot police received a call from the police station to come to support, it has been more than half an hour since the three groups, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable floating water park, rice, and the people of Sumijihui began to fight. For more than half an hour. Of the troops on both sides, those who fell to the ground accounted for more than half of the original troops. At this moment, even those who were standing were already black and blue, and the streets were already covered with scarlet blood, as well as the wriggling body. The deep groan witnessed the tragedy of the mass killing. The riot police had a protective shield in one hand and a baton in the other, and hundreds of people lined up in a square and walked towards the underworld members who were still hacking and killing. People in the front, listen. "Put down your weapons at once," the riot police captain said loudly with a megaphone. Brother, it's the riot police. The three parties immediately found the riot police who had come to their side. What about the riot police? "Cut me to the death." Yes On the other side, Inari and Sumiyoshi also ignored the warning of the riot police, and the people under the stabbing were still frantically slashing and killing. Seeing that the gangsters had turned a deaf ear to their words, the captain of the riot police immediately issued an order to suppress them. Stepping on the steps of the whole clothes, the people in front, holding a huge shield, walked toward the three groups and the "rice" people. Although the number of riot police was several times less than the total number of the three parties who were fighting, the equipment of the riot police was much better than them, especially the shield in front was made of bulletproof material, and the general swords and guns did not pose a threat to them at all.
Walking behind a gangster who was about to cut down with a knife, the riot police raised their batons and hit the gangster on the back of the head with a stick. The gangster had a concussion of the brain and fell down feebly. The gangsters'companions saw their partners knocked unconscious by the police. They were already red-eyed. At the moment, they would not care whether you were a policeman or not. In their eyes, all the people present were enemies except their own gang members. "I saw several youths hurl their baseball bats at the riot police." The baseball bat hit the shield in the hands of the riot police, which could only make a deep sound, but it could not pose a substantial threat to the riot police. The chaotic situation became even more chaotic with the addition of the riot police, and the few hundred riot police were soon surrounded by the three gangs, and even some of the three gangs had targeted the riot police. At the beginning of the war between the two sides, because of the large number of people, it is difficult to grasp the accuracy of shooting, so both sides did not use their own gunmen, at the moment there is no concern just now, "rice" will be the first leader of this action to take out his pistol, gave a shot to a three-member group not far from him, and the three-member group members who were hit fell to the ground. After a struggle, he stopped moving. Soon,large inflatable water slide, the battle changed from cold weapon slashing at the beginning to hot weapon shooting, and the number of people equipped with firearms on both sides of the three-member group, Inagawa and Sumiyoshi was very close. Tart. joyshineinflatables.com